mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

Writers of smuts: so candidly identifiable, a godsend for courses

It is well known that anonymity encourages to produce vulgarity and obscenity. The internet and the web in general foster such tendencies, that can definitely be seen as pathological. Profiting from the alleged impossibility of retrieving the real identity of anyone, invisible writers infest blogs of social forum sites of variously decent people.
As for your RS, his own blog (the present one), as well as his FB site, are frequently contaminated by "smut writers", who secrete obscene or insulting sentences, absurd judgments and insinuations: anyone of us may be one, since anyone hosts in him/herself heaps of resentment, spirit of protest, desires of revenge for real or fanciful injustice, supposed incomprehension, etc. The catalogue of such writers is always the same: it includes former students, current or former colleagues, former disciples and assistants, unknown readers or curious people who run into you accidentally, and in general pople who want to "give you a lesson". Accordingly, covered by the web, they may vomit incredible masses of vulgarities, oddities and bullshit.
This flood cannot be stopped, unfortunately, given the relative undefendedness of the web. But smut writers don't realize that they can be reasonably identified: anyone with a philological background is able to grasp cues, hints, signals, elements of knowledge, etc., that just certain persons can share! Moreover, for a linguist, insults and similar things are a real godsend for his/her own courses, especially in pragmatics: so much authentic material documenting the immense sadness of the human hodgepodge!